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 You Are Not Alone
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For Joyful and Compassionate Living
"The human anatomy has an energy system that has seven power centers that are far more than psychological and emotional, it is inherently biological and are part of our physical and spiritual guidance system in our bodies which creates a blueprint for healing. Thus, if any of these centers become affected by external factors that we have allowed into our body's energy fields and we continue to ignore our responsibility to consciously resolve the issue/life lesson, then it will eventually manifest in physical form as an illness." For example, stress caused by external factors affects internal organ functioning which eventually leads to high blood pressure which can fatally lead to a stroke. "In essence, your internal system has been depleted of its optimal power to operate the human body organs." -Paraphrased from Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing by Caroline Myss, Ph.D..

The Mind Body Energy System is all-encompassing and it promotes clarity of mind so that you can live a balance life that is personally fulfilling. This concept is as ancient as the historical texts we read from various civilizations around the world. Once you embrace a truthful way of life and understand that life itself is a journey to experience, then the energy of light flows within us and all around us. For energy is the foundation of all matter that makes up the universe. 

No matter where you go in the world and where the path of life leads you, always remember that You Are Not Alone.  All the power you need to accomplish anything and succeed in life is already within you. 

The Mission of Ajibike Universe is to help you become aware of the Light energy that supports you so you can experience joy, love and compassion in your life.