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  Ajibike Intuitive Angelic Message : An I Am Consultation

Ajibike Intuitive Angelic Messages (Ajibike IAMs) are now available online through a secure teleconference line. Ajibike IAMs Consultation helps you to reconnect with spiritual messages from the angelic realm. As we experience life we sometimes get discouraged and mad at God, asking “Why Me”?  This internal anger and fear creates imbalance and we lose touch with the angelic realm because they step back to allow us to use Free Will to rebuild ourselves. Through the disconnection phase our “Birth Intuitive” fades, clouding our clarity of mind which then impacts our progress. 

Schedule an Ajibike Intuitive Angelic Message” consultation through our office by sending an email to “Ajibike Intuitive Angelic Messages” is not a astrological tarot card reading, it is an Intuitive Empath consultation utilizing angelic cards created by an Intuitive Empath in the Mind Body Spirit industry with decades of experience.

Ajibike Intuitive Angelic Message consultations focuses on helping you reconnect to the angelic realm that once flowed naturally known as your essential intuition. By rebuilding this connection you are able to step back into your Essence from birth, develop clarity about your life decisions and eventually strengthen your spirituality with The Divine.