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  • AJIBIKE UNIVERSE IS ABOUT living a Conscious Lifestyle with your Life-Force Energy.

  • AJIBIKE MEANING an African female name derived from The Yoruba tribe & phonetically pronounced "Ah Gee Bee Kay". Ajibike in African tradition takes on the meaning of "was born" and is present to remind all that You Are Not Alone in your life's journey.

  • AJIBIKE MISSION is to encourage individuals to become aware and embody the Energy of Life that supports your Mind, Body, and Spirit on a daily basis.

  • AJIBIKE GATHERINGS to assist you in becoming consciously aware of your surroundings, enlightening your mindset through various publications and having a clear line of communication with your health practitioner to bring about greater understanding to living a healthy and fulfilled life. 

  • AJIBIKE CERTIFIED REIKI MASTER, in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Tradition.

  • AROMATHERAPY information used by many hospitals today which is an ancient wholistic method that utilizes Essential Oils to alleviate pain and discomfort. * Special Notice *: Consult and receive diagnosis with your medical doctor before using any new therapeutic healing methods.  

  • PRAYER/MEDITATION development is encouraged utilizing your existing faith and spirituality

  • READING CLUB MEETUP called  “Ajibike Sit, Talk, Laugh Circle” which mimics the Sunday afternoon front porch chats we are familiar with from American and Caribbean culture. Originally this dates back to African culture "Circle Talks" which was administered by elders in training the next generation to instinctively learn to empower themselves so they can make wisdom decisions on their life journey. SEND AN EMAIL from our Contact Page to join Ajibike Sit, Talk, Laugh Reading Club. This is a FREE service provided by Ajibike Universe. Get out of the house, meet like minds as you join us at a fabulous location for group discussion of the chosen book.

  • RETREATS TO SACRED and BACK TO NATURE locations locally, nationally and globally. Includes other destinations that heightens your spiritual connection  and all its wonders. Retreats also focus on visiting and participating in events  at various Spiritual Centers worldwide that represents various religions and Indigenous Spiritual System in order to develop Interfaith Relationships as well as a Cultural Exchange.  

  • Encourages you to seek out hospitals and medical doctors who are licensed and board certified in Alternative/Integrative Medicine which enables you to take charge of your Health & Nutritional Lifestyle.