Ajibike Universe
  You Are Not Alone


for Joyful and Compassionate Living


  • AJIBIKE UNIVERSE IS ABOUT living a Conscious Lifestyle filled with Joy, Love and Compassion.

  • AJIBIKE MEANING an African female name derived from The Yoruba tribe & phonetically pronounced "Ah Gee Bee Kay". Ajibike in African tradition takes on the meaning of "was born" and is present to remind all that You Are Not Alone in your life's journey.

  • AJIBIKE MISSION is to encourage individuals to become aware of the Light Energy that supports you to live life joyfully.

  • AJIBIKE GATHERINGS to assist you in becoming consciously aware of your surroundings, enlightening your mindset through various publications and having a clear line of communication with your health practitioner to bring about greater understanding to living a healthy and fulfilled life. 

  • AJIBIKE CERTIFIED REIKI MASTER, in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Tradition.                                                                             
  • PRAYER/MEDITATION development is encouraged utilizing your existing faith and spiritual system.                                                                                                                      
  • Encourages you to seek out hospitals and medical doctors who are licensed and board certified in Alternative/Integrative Medicine which enables you to take charge of your Health & Nutritional Lifestyle.